Sunday, 9 January 2011

Off The Road

Those are the photos from my Tenerife holiday. Warm and sunny – couldn’t be better! This is a fantastic place to go, especially during the Winter time when it's cold and windy in London. Tenerife will give you lots of sun, black sand beaches, beautiful mountains and a few different climate zones, which is pretty amazing by itself. And of course this is a stunning place for the photo shoots, so I obviously took advantage of it :)

As to the outfit and accessories, I wear black Tom Ford oversized sunglasses and am totally in love with them. Accessorize flats were bought last year and I still wear them with the same pleasure I used to. The top is from MisSixty, Bershka white denim shorts and Mango cardi. Perfect for +30C :)


fashion.gossipmk said...

love it! you look cute and sexy at the same time! good job!

fashion.gossipmk said...

Oh, I see me and my friend are always first to comment your post :) I agree with K. and looking forward to more of your posts ;) M.

Jeliza-Rose said...

thank u girls! I am so glad u like my style ♥

You, qué? said...

Hi Jeliza, i´ve seen your new blog and i wish you luck!. I like your british style.
I started with my own blog too, but in a differnt way, i narrate some kind of funny stories ( but i´m a fashion victim too, but shhh is a secret!) , ther´s only one problem is in spanish!, so if you want to learn spanish or to improve it ...LOL
Coming soon to a Spain!

Jeliza-Rose said...

oh thanks for your comment :) so nice to hear from someone from spain :)) I've never been there, but am definitely going sometime!

Cara said...

Amazing shots! Love the last one especially...great background.
xo Cara

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