Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Perfect Evening Dress

Beautiful Escada dress fits perfectly and is so classy and elegant, don't u think? :) Perfect for a special occasion!


fashion.gossipmk said...

Very classy! Love this pics! M.

filles said...

In a month or so you blog is going to be like so successful. You're really beautiful.

Jeliza-Rose said...

the dress is very classy indeed and I totally love it!! :)) Im glad u like it too!
Filles, thank u so much! we'll see what happens within a month :)

ATW said...

hey :)
i've just came across an outfit you've posted on and i decided to post it on my blog under my favourites of this week. i hope that's okay for you! like your style!

evin said...


Going Out Dresses said...

Nice Evening dress.Mind blowing lovely dress.

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