Saturday, 15 January 2011

Winterise Yourself Now

This is a super warm outfit of the day. Even though I am not wearing coat or jacket, I am still really warm thanks to my Jack Wills woollen sweater and a long thick scarf from DP purchased just yesterday. Cute and comfy, Burberry wellingtons are absolutely perfect for London autumn/winter weather! And the colour is so soft. 

All wrapped up in cosy and warm clothes I am now freeze-proof! :)


Julia Vorob'eva said...

such a cozy sweater! so beautiful!

Maya said...

Liking the sweater :)

You, qué? said...

I saw your comment in my blog,thank you so much.
I´m agree , it is a lovely dog.
Maybe when i´ve finished exams , i will try to write more and maybe in english too.

i love the "Burberry wellington boots" awesome!

my little red carpet said...

You look great :)
kiss :)

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