Monday, 21 February 2011

Fringe Time

The photos were taken in my back garden and my dog was running around me all the time so she eventually got into the shot :) I guess that's just about time to introduce her to you. Please meet my cutie - she's a Parson Russell Terrier and her name is Julie. She was born in July, so originally I named her after the month she was born in, but then everyone began to call her Julie and now she's got 2 names. And yeah, she's a real lady :)

As to the outfit, I have bought this H&M fringe dress during London sales for £7 and I'm so damn happy with it :) I like its colour and the whole layered look. That's something I love London for - you can always find something really fancy and grab yourself a fantastic bargain! The dress may look like a spring/summer piece of clothing but I knew straight away that I could wear it during the Winter too. In order to keep myself warm I was wearing nude tights and over-the-knee socks which I bought along with the ankle boots from River Island. I totally love the colour of the socks, it's so soft and goes so well with the boots. My leather jacket is from Juicy Couture and it's pretty amazing. Well if you buy a £7 dress you can certainly treat yourself with some Juicy Couture :P 

PS: Thanks so much for the comments on the previous post :) I am really happy to know that you do like my blog.


Kimberly said...

so cute! already hyped!


I really like your style...great shots...lovely blog!

fashion.gossipmk said...

Love it!
Xoxo, K.

pepa said...

So lovely ♥
Love your outfit...

Julia said...

That dress is so pretty, love how you have styled it aswell! Say hello to your new follwoer! :)


Julia Vorob'eva said...

wow...I really adore your cute shoes! and a ruffled dress is sooo inspiring ;) beautiful as always!

6roove said...

love your jacket, just fantastic!
I'm fan of pleats and that dress is really interesting <3

kisses :)
Watching the waves

Karin said...

So this is Julie?? Is she a Jack Russel same as mine, mine just has half chihuahua blood, but they are such marvellous and intelligent pets aren't they? and your outfit is SO gorgeous

Vichy TeaCup said...

love the outfit

i inviteyou to my blog


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