Thursday, 14 April 2011

Furla event in London

I think many London bloggers received the invitation to Furla Candy Bag event last week. I got one too and decided to go and have a look. Last few weeks have been very tough for me, busy with studying and working I was so exhausted that the event seemed like a really nice thing to go to. This was the first time I went to a place where quite a few bloggers gathered together. It was real fun and I met some really nice and interesting people and I even got interviewed for a fashion video blog :)  

I know I supposed to be obsessed with the Candy Bag itself but I shamelessly confess that I decided to take advantage of 20% discount and bought a different one for myself. It's a beautiful tote in crocodile printed calf leather that comes in 4 different colours. I don't need to tell you how uneasy it was for me to decide on the colour but eventually I went for an orange one which is very appropriately called passion fruit. Depending on the light it can be orange or turn red :)

All in all, I am really happy with the bag and the event itself so I am hoping to attend some more in the future.

upd: my blazer is 100% DIY :) I spent few hours decorating it and it was totally worth it :)


patrycja2407 said...

Your jacket is amazing!

IN3GUE said...

zdorovo! menja toze priglasili, but i was catching a flight at this very time! prikolno, mogli vstretitsa! )))

p.s. ti tut ochenj milenkaja! x

Meesh said...

I'm sojealous of the DIY jacket! So lovellyyy! PS i posted a picture of the Black Shatter on my blog, go look!


Mirela said...

Tell me you are you sooo damn beautiful? haha..
Thnx for your comment sweetie!
Looking stunning, love the jacket!

Mani said...

I love FURLA! They have amazing bags!

hugs and kisses by Mani.

Olesya said...

you have a very beautiful smile)
so do I just love your looks!)

Snow Black said...

I missed it because I had Russian class ;-( . But you look lovely and I love the bag that you are holding! Great DIY !

Jane Soboleva said...

ur look is amazing))and i love ur brows)

Jeliza-Rose said...

Ingy, da, bylo by ochen klassno vstretitsa!

SnowBlack, thanks dear :) hope to see u on a next event :)

Jane, thank u! x

Promise said...

Looks like a fun event.

Your gorgeous.

Thanks for commenting on my blog...x

Phoebe said...

The bag is gorgeous! xx

Andy said...

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