Friday, 15 July 2011

Atlantic Coast

H&M skirt. Tophop top. H&M sunglasses.

Here is another set of photos from my Spanish holidays. I know they are all really similar but it was so difficult  to make a choice :) 

I got this H&M white skirt right before travelling to Marbella. It is exactly as airy and delicate as it looks in the photos and is absolutely perfect for a hot day on the beach. 

Oh I miss the ocean and beautiful coast so much... London is fantastic but it definitely has a huge downside... 

A good thing is, one more trip is coming up pretty soon! I am going to my home town again next Friday, so you should expect another wave of photo shoots from me :) It's funny but Tallinn always inspires me to make something interesting... It doesn't happen to me that often in London for some reason :( Although, I do have one shoot planned for this Sunday and it should be quite good :) We'll see how it goes and hopefully I am going to prove myself wrong this Sunday! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


victoria said...

I love the photos and the outfit is adorable! Looking beautiful!


Abi said...

wow I love your blog. I checked some of your posts and photos are neat. Here I love your skirt!
following you now,

.Candy. said...

this is such a fun shoot! love how you played around with your skirt! you have a rockin' body!


Francesca Felix said...

oooh marbella. My father used to live there!! Its so beautiful
lovely skirt!!
im having a necklace giveaway on my blog if you wanna stop by!

le dressing d'Alizée said...

Tu es magnifique! un rien de t'habilles !


Sophie said...


ladyDi said...

the sweater is so lovely :)
You look amazing...

Martina said...

GREAT pics girl

Stilettostetico said...

"Triple WOow" for the way you wear your top, (KILLing) Ôde to your "Trendy Hottie"'s Body AND kind of sexy / casualness manifesto on beachy territory !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Harrriiiet said...

Wooah! Your absolutely stunning.
The outfit is awesome, so simple and beautiful!
Harriet x

Naomi Marie said...

You look so stunning, the sun really makes your skin glow. A simple but lovely outfit too <3 :)

Adèle d'Une armoire de filleh said...

you're beautiful !

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