Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Provocative

Agent Provocateur corset. AA trousers. Office heels. DIY blazer. Topshop accessories.

It's a never ending passion for Agent Provocateur and it feels so sexy. This look had to be strong and sexy and it turned out to be exactly what I was aiming for. The black heels are my absolute favourite! I could run a marathon in them and still look and feel good. 

My holidays in Tallinn are almost over and it feels so sad... Believe it or not but I'm not too excited about coming back to London. That is why I have to plan more holidays and extend my Summer for as long as I can :) 


Natalia said...

Great pics!

Plami said...

You're absolutely stunning!


Martina said...

nice heels

ladyDi said...

шикарные фотографии!
соблазнительница такая)

Julia Vorob'eva said...

your poses reminded me of Beyonce!!!!! sooo gorgeous! wow! stunner! gorgeous top!

kate.apa said...


Sana said...

You are SO SO SO beautiful!

Liberty said...

С возвращением! :)
Образ роковой красотки удался! Аксессуары удачно подобраны. Ты как всегда прекрасна)

С любовью Liberty!

fashiongossipmk said...

Extremely sexy :) Love the photos Jeliza.

Galya K said...

so rocking. love the whole look:)

Emma said...

those pictures are amazing! you are so beautiful!

Dylana Suarez said...

These are such wonderful pictures!


Fashion By He said...

you look hott

-He approves

Fashion by He

Snow Black said...

Sexy!!! I love the corset. By the way when you are back, let me know. I want to organise a get together with some bloggers before FAshion Week starts. Enjoy the rest of your holidays ;-)

Antonia said...

These pics are HOT!!
Loving them!^^



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