Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Getlegg

A few weeks back Diesel offered me to pick two pairs of jeans from their new Fit Your Attitude collection.  It wasn't the easiest decision to make because all the jeans are fantastic. I spent a good couple of hours in their store browsing through the collection and trying on different styles. The two pairs that I eventually selected are Getlegg and Bootzee. They are completely different but both very comfortable and great looking. Thanks a lot for this fantastic gift!

Moving on to the winner of my LOVE giveaway. A huge thank you to everyone who entered the competition, I truly appreciate that!

The lucky winner has been chosen by random and it's Kasia from CHOCAROME. Congratulations Kasia and I hope you are going to love this beautiful dress that now belongs to you!

Have a lovely week everyone

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Tina said...

love those heels! fabulous!

Plami said...

I love the jacket and the shoes! You're always so gorgoeus!



Becky said...

Ooh those jeans look amazing! You're a lucky girl!



Nastroenie said...


Alena said...

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