Sunday, 12 February 2012


My holidays were fantastic and I am so going to be back to Phuket :) Thai people are really friendly and food is delicious. We were quite lucky with the weather too. January and February are on average the driest months of the year so it only rained for a few times while we were there. Although I did enjoy the rain so much! I'm telling you, it's so much fun to swim in the rain :)

Now I am back to London, back to my work and my family. February is a very exciting month for me and I have some great news for you too.
First of all, there is a special Valentine's giveaway coming up on my blog on the 14th of Feb! 
Also, I got an invitation to London Fashion Week. And last but not least, my birthday is approaching (end of this month) so do keep an eye on my updates ;)

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Meri said...

You're gorgeous and these are great photos!You have a really nice blog! I follow you! :))

If you have time check out my blog!

Tina said...

Congrats on the invitation to fashion week! Thailand looks like so much fun!


Carmen said...

Amazing pictures, following you now :)

Anamarija said...

These photos are amazing. Thai is indeed very beautiful, you lucky girl :) I'm excited to learn more about you giveaway :)!

Lena said...

фото великолепны))
особенно крабики и ты со слоненком :)

Lidiya said...

These photos are so dreamlike, you look gorgeous <3

Plami said...

You're so lucky to be at such a magical place! And the baby elephant is just precious <3


Damycool said...

Beautiful beautiful pictures!! love it! Love your bikini!! Have a lot of fun!

Tolu D.A.D.A said...

Absolutely stunning and breath-taking photos!
It looks like you had a wonderful time! 7
Thanks so much for the comment on my blog earlier!
Now following your fab blog!

Tolu from


Ayna said...

Красивые фото и вы тоже прекрасны! Стала вашей читательницей.
А чем вам так понравились жертвенники для умерших? :-)

Aleksandra Boyarova said...

Ayna, они очень красивые, мистические такие, особенно те, которые очень старые и находятся в лесу.

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