Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Handful of Crystals

Oh My Love dress. KG wedges. Swarovski crystals.

The original idea that my friend had was an autumn style make up and look but as we headed to an Ibiza party in Tallinn it turned out to be truly summery :) Thanks so much to my friend Irochka for a beautiful make up!

Not long ago I got those lovely crystals as a gift from Swarovski. They catch the light beautifully making them look fantastic! I'm still thinking of a way to use them though. Any suggestions?!

Photos by my dear friend Ira.

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Alena said...

красота неописуемая!

Anonymous said...

Ja teba ochen chasto v Tallinne vstrechaju, i na Ibiza party videla i v gorode v Deja Vu, i prosto tak gdenibut :D Stranno :)

careaboutmyself said...

big eyes, big lips, small nose, long hair... U R so beautiful!

Aleksandra Boyarova said...

значит в следующий раз подойди и мы познакомимся :)

Marybell said...

Александра,вы просто потрясающая красавица!
Интересный образ !Макияж такой необычный,притягивает взгляд!))


Aleksandra Boyarova said...

спасибо, Мэри! xx

Carmen said...

Really nice outfit :)

ka milka said...

great :))


ms.J.J said...

Потрясающий образ!
Завораживающе и немного ,мне кажется;), волшебно....
3-й кадр особенно понравился!

Анна Епринцева said...

О о о шикарные кадры роскошной девушки!!!

floral beauty said...


~Jeimy~ said...

gorgeous skirt love the pictures you look amazing!

Топотышка said...

Красивая! И очень нежная на этих фото!

circleofchaos said...

Beautiful outfit.*_*
Would you like to follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
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Plami said...

you're gorgeous!



Anonymous said...

You are gorgeous ! I'm so jealous <3.

Do you think you ould make a post with a video of you showing your closet ? It will be amazing ! <3

Aleksandra Boyarova said...

video you are looking for is right here:



Meri said...

You look always sooo bautiful!! Maybe you could do a diy with those crystals! Maybe decorating a collar or a skirt? Or a nice hair clip? :)
I want to see your result!! ;)

Kisses, Meri
maybe you can check out my blog too? :)

My Little-Blonde world said...

beautiful outfit!!!!!! kiss :)


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