Thursday, 6 September 2012

Pastel Palette

Zara jacket (similar here). Zara top. J Brand jeans (gift). DIY shoes.

Even though summer is officially over I am still in love with pastel colours... The photos were taken back in Tallinn while the weather was still lovely. I have some more posts from Tallinn to share with you before moving on to pictures from South of France. The only thing I can say, it's wonderful here and I am having such an amazing time :)

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Plami said...

you're stunning! I love the color scheme of this outfit! Reminds me of cotton candy!


Ava Tallulah said...

Such pretty pastel colors. I love this whole look. That little Chanel is so lovely too.

Ava Tallulah

ka milka said...

awesome ;DD

Meri said...

Lovely pastel combination!! Love your heels! You're so stunning!!! :)

Kisses, Meri

Somebody said...

You are so gorgeous:)

ms.J.J said...

Такой благородный образ;)...Красотищщщща!

Cristina Surdu said...

lovely combination!!

Valeria said...


DaBi Vintage said...

great outfit!kisses from Italy

Marybell said...

Идеальный образ!Очень нравится как вы сочетаете цвета и фактуры,тонкое нюансное сочетание.Нежно и изысканно.))Туфли и жакет просто бесподобны!!!


Ola Pe said...

Beautiful photos and... face!:)

Viktoria said...

wow! amazing Outfit!
lvoe your jacket and shoes!

summer said...

i have the same jacket !
you are stunning.....really
check my blog xx

mercedes and connie said...

i like a lot your blog!
i follow u!
follow me if u want to!

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