Thursday, 20 September 2012


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My trip to Tallinn was fantastic and full of wonderful memories. It was nice to see my dearest friends as well as members of the family. We did so many fun things together and I enjoyed every minute spent with them! That's exactly what I miss the most about my home town - people so close to my heart yet so far from me.

Now that I am back to London from my 2-month holiday (how lucky is that?!) it's time to start sorting out photos that I took in South of France... and there are thousands including some videos that I want to put together in a short film. It's a very exciting process though so I can't wait to get my hands on it :)

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Eva Wu said...

great pics

Becky said...

Your hair looks so beautiful curly!


marcella said...

wow, amazing pics

Meri said...

Great photos! Tallinn looks so beautiful!!
And you're just gorgeous!! :)

Kisses, Meri

ka milka said...

great ; ))

new post

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos

My Little-Blonde world said...

your dress is gorgeous with the studs and I love your hair, they are fabulous!!!


Myveryownlookbook Sophie said...

You have perfect hair!


modniza said...

Tallin is beautiful city,i know.
very nice photos! have a great week end!

Nikol ~ said...

you´re perfect and your photos too!

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