Sunday, 20 January 2013

Winter Casual

Zara sweater, jeans and bag. 

The reason for my spinning mood was actually a very cold day - had to keep myself warm. Posing in the wind was definitely not an option! We only managed to have a short walk before popping down the local cafe to have hot drinks and delicious deserts. Food in Ukraine is amazingly tasty and I'm not ashamed to admit that I was eating all the time during our stay and it was fantastic!

As to my outfit, I just love cosy winter looks, especially light-coloured ones. It has to be practical and still look nice so I thought casual jeans and chunky sweater should do the trick ;)

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marcella said...

pretty pics :) love the scarf

Rory said...

Love the scarf and coat! You are absolutely RAVISHING :)

Kam ila said...

pretty ;))

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Eva Wu said...

Your style is great and everything looks perfect on You!

Veraanda said...

What positive picture!

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Anonymous said...

Пересмотрела весь твой блог,нахожусь под приятным впечатлением. Тебе очень идет быть светловолосой.

Привет из Таллинна.

Aleksandra Boyarova said...

Спасибо! Приятно получать такие комментарии :)

Anonymous said...

А ботинки-угги какой фирмы?

Aleksandra Boyarova said...

Я купила их в New Look, на скидке, специально для поездки на Украину. В Лондоне в них с лишком жарко :S

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