Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Birthday Night in Notting Hill

I have been a lazy blogger lately but this is an exceptional occasion :)

Last weekend I celebrated my very happy birthday in Notting Hill. My beloved friends and family gathered together to have a super fun evening singing and dancing till late night! I am a very lucky girl always surrounded by the most important people in my life.

All photos were taken with my new Sony NEX camera that I got as a birthday present :P

Stay tuned to see winter photos from Tallinn and a video from my summer holidays in South of France ;)

PS: check my youtube channel to see video of the newly-born puppies that Julie had last month ;)



IvanaGemella said...

Happy birthday girl, wish you all the best!

J.J said...

Woooow! МЕГА-позитивно праздничные кадры!
С прошедшим Днём Рождения !
Бодрого настроения, самых настоящих чудес и взаимной любви!!!

kamila said...

cute pics; DD


Meesh said...

absolutely gorgeous! as always. and i'm lovin the black and white photos!



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